Why We Partnered with Tsunami Products

Our greatest strength is the range of our client base.  From ma ‘n’ pop shops to national and regional retail chains, from city to national governments, as well as direct to consumer ecommerce, having such a diverse client base has allowed us to create a curated inventory of integrated tools and services that solve problems across multiple industries.

In surveying our clients on what tools they wish they had, that we could curate for them, over the past couple of years, water, has been a growing trend.  Water for irrigation, water for livestock, water for drinking.  Recent headlines about Meade Lake have shown their fears coming true.

During the pandemic, we had hundreds of hours of internal meetings to discuss what SECURE could do to help alleviate the problem of dwindling water supplies.  As an ESG driven TOOL company, it’s our responsibility to curate tools that would allow our clients to fulfill their water needs in a sustainable way. 

After months of research between competing technologies and available tools, Atmospheric Water Generation (AWG) emerged as a clear winner.  AWG machines are efficient, scalable, highly integrate-able, and relatively compact, so they can be installed for individual homes just as easily as apartment complexes, malls, and other large-scale structures.

 Another crucial point of distinction for AWG machines is that they open access to NEW water sources, whereas the bulk of the technology in the field of water sustainability is focused on treatment and/or re-use of CURRENT water supplies.

 That’s not to say that water treatment and re-use doesn’t have an important role to play, but as water needs INCREASE, it will be necessary to increase our supply of water.  Re-use can only go so far. 

Once we identified AWG as the most promising technology, we used our decades of supply chain experience to locate the best manufacturer of AWG machines.  Our criteria for “best” includes:

      • Reliability – The machines need to produce water across a range of climates, geographies, and infrastructures.

      • Efficiency – Energy needs are also skyrocketing.  The machine should make the most amount of water with the least amount of energy input.

      • Product Quality – The machines must be rugged and durable, able to withstand a variety of harsh environments without breaking down.

      • Compact – To really ameliorate the water crisis, AWG machines must become a standard household appliance, like the refrigerator or an A/C.  So, the units must be small enough to integrate into single-family homes easily.

      • Team – The team behind the machine should be passionate and socially conscious about the mission to provide safe drinking water to the planet.

 After months of vetting, we selected Tsunami Products, an American Manufacturer based in Liberty Lake, WA, to be our partner and tackle the challenge of solving the world’s water crisis.

 We selected Tsunami because they excelled over all other competitors in every category.  Tsunami machines are:

      • Reliable – They have been battle-tested across Africa.  In fact, some of the models (eg, T-500) were specifically engineered using “dumb” logic gates in order to minimize the electronics required, thus minimizing the chances of malfunction and leaving communities without drinking water.

      • Efficient – Not only do Tsunami machines have the most efficient production ratio (gallons/watt), but some models (eg, T-750) are programmable, meaning the machine will turn off unless it can meet a preset production ratio.  Furthermore, the entire unit can be run off of relatively few solar panels, meaning that there is no energy cost or carbon footprint.

      • Product Quality – American craftsmanship shines in the Tsunami machines.  They’re made with USA-sourced components (with few exceptions) and assembled on American soil by American workers who take pride in what they do.  Each piece is warrantied for years to come.

      • Compact – Tsunami units have a unique modular construction.  The “base unit” is slightly larger than a standard outdoor A/C unit (eg, Trane).  However, the unique design of the Tsunami machines allows one machine to be daisy-chained to any number of other machines, creating scale for larger developments (eg, water bottling plants).

      • Team – The team behind Tsunami is amazing.  They’re world-class manufacturers with decades of experience making critical components for eg, telecom giants.  But, they’re also humanitarians and have dedicated thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars in machines to bring water to the most remote, under-served communities on Earth.

 Water scarcity is the most existential threat humanity has ever faced and will continue to face in the coming years.

 However, with the right technology, in the hands of the right people and organizations, it’s a challenge that can be overcome.

 The next step is to introduce Tsunami to governments, builders and developers, ranchers and farmers, and individual homeowners to spread awareness about the solution.

 If you’d like to learn more about Tsunami AWG machines and how they can be integrated into your municipality, business, or home, book an appointment with Director of Sales, Scott Holbrook.

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