Top Trail Tuesday: Charouleau Gap – Tucson, AZ

If you like going up, up and up some more, then look no further than Tucson’s Charouleau Gap.

Charouleau Gap is one of the most well-known and difficult trails around Tucson. It connects the towns of Catalina and Oracle through a “gap” in the Catalina mountain range. It has a long history of tearing up stock 4wd’s and spitting them out.

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Trail review site says:

“A very rough 4WD road that climbs about 1500 vertical feet to “the Gap”, a pass in San Maniego Ridge in the Santa Catalina Mountains. The road is marginally maintained by a local 4WD enthusiast group, but it gets incredibly rutted, rocky, and loose in spots. The climb up to the Gap is tough, but the downhill is the reward.”

Users of the site tend to agree:

Won’t belabour the details – up-up-up… the fun is the way down.


“This is a great trail, but it is not for the faint of heart or the out of shape.”


The trail itself is about a 40 mile round trip with half of that pretty much going straight up.  If that doesn’t scare you, then “Doin’ the gap” will give you about 9 hours of challenging – difficult trail.

For those that need a map, here it is:

Our suggestion is that you plan a September adventure to Tucson with your offroading group to experience one of the most notorious trails in the Southwest.

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Just be sure that everyone has their SECURE tow strap…just in case.

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Image result for charouleau gap tucson az reviews

Image result for charouleau gap tucson az reviews

Image result for charouleau gap tucson az reviews

One thought on “Top Trail Tuesday: Charouleau Gap – Tucson, AZ”

  1. The trail is challenging. The scenery is incredible! Do not attempt the trail by yourself, always have other vehicles to travel with. PLAN to get stuck! This is part of the off-roading challenge! Make sure to have proper recovery gear… Just incase! It is common to damage even the most prepared vehicle in this environment… I am speaking from experience on this one. Tire, wheel, suspension, and vehicle body damage are all highly possible on this trail. Recovery straps, recovery straps, recovery straps! Make sure you have them and travel in a group!

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