The Purpose of Our Infrastructure and Prop Tech Division

Tools to Solve the World’s Most Pressing Problems

As the world’s energy and infrastructure needs continue to increase, new tools and solutions are required in order to sustainably manage the planet’s limited resources while providing clean water, sustainable housing, and affordable energy to billions of inhabitants.
Our Infrastructure and Prop Tech Division is dedicated to integrating tools that solve these environmental sustainability issues:
      • dwindling water resources,
      • exploding energy needs,
      • lack of sufficient clean energy sources,
      • lack of safe, affordable, sustainable housing for society’s lowest wage earners,
      • lack of connectivity for billions of people around the world,
      • and the list goes on.
The new division integrates the following human essential technologies:

Sustainable Homes

We partner with leading architects and developers to design, manufacture and install fabricated shipping container homes around the world.  Our homes integrate the latest water, energy, and security technologies to create safe, affordable, sustainable housing structures that can withstand natural disasters as well as society’s bad actors.

Water from Air Machines

Our engineering and manufacturing teams are experts in the design, fabrication, and deployment of Atmospheric Water Generation machines.  Our energy-efficient, FDA-approved designs allow governments, businesses, and private homes to meet their sustainable water needs.

Energy Systems

We work with governments, businesses, and private homes to design energy systems that power their operational needs in a sustainable way.  Our solar-powered systems also allow them to earn extra income by selling excess, clean energy, to clients by way of EV charging stations and similar technologies.

IoT and 5G

We utilize leading blockchain technology to bring connectivity and income opportunities to everyone, everywhere, by working with governments, businesses, and private homes to install and operate open telecommunications networks.  Our operating partners are entitled to a portion of the earnings created from mining on the network.
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