View from the Cockpit of the New SECURE Forklift

Forklift, Targeting a Pallet
Franke-D targets a pallet of polyester yarn

Allow me to introduce Frankie-D, the brand-new FD30DTII forklift from leading global machinery manufacturer, Lonking, that arrived at the SECURE Sling & Strap factory, today.

This diesel-powered beast can lift 3000kg to a height of 3 meters while zooming across the factory floor at a top speed of 20 km/h (not that we’d ever do that).

I think the SECURE annual forklift race just got a bit more interesting.

The most Critical Task at a Polyester Lifting Sling Factory

Pre-Production Polyester Yarn
Pre-Production Polyester Yarn

Of all the jobs at a polyester factory, spooling the thread has to be one of the most critical…and boring.  Each spool must be individually threaded on the rack as well as into the looming the machine.

You never appreciate how many strands of thread it takes to make a polyester web sling until you’ve threaded a looming machine…

Boating Season Is Here!

Marine Sling
Marine Sling

Boating season is getting into full swing a bit early this year!  With all the boat sling order we’ve shipped out so far, we can be pretty sure that a lot of people are gearing up to have a lot of fun in the coming summer months.

The second most important thing you can do to prepare this year’s boating season is to make sure your marina is using a SECURE, polyester boat sling when preparing your craft for the water.  (The first is obviously preparing your boating playlist!)

Why polyester?  Well, as this research report shows, polyester is simply a superior material to nylon when manufacturing a boat sling.   And the only thing better than a polyester marine sling is a SECURE polyester marine sling, which is why we’re trusted to manufacture for some of the world’s top brands.

SECURE boat slings are custom-made from 100% polyester and come in a wide variety of colors as well as weighted and unweighted options.  Send an email to to get your SECURE boat slings.