LG - Monocrystalline; 345 W; 1000 V; 20 A; Anodized Aluminum

LG - Monocrystalline; 345 W; 1000 V; 20 A; Anodized Aluminum

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LG, NeON 2, PV Modules, Mono, Black Frame, MC4 Connectors, Made in Korea, LG345N1C-V5

LG's NeON2 monocrystalline PV modules are among the most efficient PV modules available thanks to a host of innovative technologies and enhancements at both the cell and module level. These modules feature high-gloss black frames, white back sheets, and thinner cell busses for a sleek appearance.

LG has built on their position as a leading manufacturer by offering 25 year linear performance warranty, and a 25 year product warranty. These modules are listed to UL 1703, IEC 61215, IEC 61730- 1/-2, IEC 62716, and IEC 61701 and are produced in Korea in an ISO 9001 certified factory.


  • Enhanced Performance Warranty - The LG NeON R has been designed to significantly enhance its output making it efficient even in limited space. LG now offers a 25 year product warranty to accomodate performance warranties as well. LG NeON R has an ehanced performance warranty. After 25 years, LG NeON R is guaranteed at least 87.0% of initial performance.
  • Great Aesthetics and Durability- LG NeON R has been designed with aesthetics in mind: no electoride on the front. Can increase the valud eof a property with its modern design. Can endure a front load up to 6000 Pa, and a rear load up to 5400 Pa.
  • Better Performance and LID - Now performs better on sunny days thanks to its improved temperature coefficient. Near zero LID (Light Induced Degradation). The n-type cells used in the LG NeON R have almost no boron, which may cause initial performance degradation, leading to less LID.


Technical Specifications

  • Module Watts STC 345 W
  • Cells per Module 60
  • Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 41.2
  • Short Circuit Current (Isc) 10.57
  • Max Power Voltage (Vmpp) 34.9
  • Max Power Current (Impp) 9.89
  • Max Current 20 A
  • Module Efficiency 20.1
  • Max System Voltage 1000 V
  • Module Frame Material Anodized Aluminum
  • Module Frame Color White
  • Module Connector MC 4/MC
  • Series Fuse Rating (Amps) 20
  • Temp Coefficient (Pmpp) -0.36
  • Temp Coefficient (Voc) -0.26
  • Fire Classification (Type) 1
  • General Information
  • Dimensions 1686 L x 1016 W x 40 H mm
  • Weight 17.1 kg
  • Approvals
  • UL 1703