360Swivel D-Ring and Winch Combo Package

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The 360Swivel D-Ring and Winch Combo Package includes the following:

  • 2 Slider360 Swivel D-rings (angle iron, tube/square top, stake pocket)

  • 2 Slider360 Swivel Winches (angle iron, tube/square top, stake pocket)

  • Each Slider360 Swivel rated for 10,000 lbs Breaking Strength

  • Extra-wide Surface area so the Slider360 STAYS TIGHT!

  • Can be used with any standard 2" ratchet tie-down webbing


The 360Swivel D-Ring  and Winch Combo Package is the most versatile cargo control  anchor point system available.  It comes complete with everything you need to secure the perfect load, no matter how bulky or awkward.

There are two secrets.

The first secret are the universal attachments for angle iron, tube top and square top, and stake pockets.  Each attachment can be placed ANYWHERE on the frame or bed of trucks and trailers and then removed after the job.  This means you’re not stuck with the same arrangement every time, as with a welding job.  When it’s time to secure a new load, the Slider360 system let’s you place anchor points in optimal locations.

The second secret is the system of 360 “Swivels” that allow you to twist, spin, adjust, anchor and gain leverage from any direction required for your specific needs, meaning you can customize your load securement every time!