2' x 18" Mini Strap

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Webbing Break Strength: 10,000 lbs
Sewn Assy Break Strength:
10,000 lbs
Working Load Limit: 3330 lbs (tow/recovery); 2,000 lbs (lifting)
Width: 2″
Plies: 3



SECURE Mini-Straps are made with the same ruggedness and our SuperTow Straps.  And just like our SuperTow series, the SECURE Mini contains no hardware and is therefore much safer than similar items on the market.

The smaller size makes them perfect for a variety of miscellaneous tasks such as:

  • Axle Straps

  • Shop Slings

  • Connectors

  • Plant and Shrub Removal

  • Tree Savers

  • etc.

No set of tools is complete with a SECURE Mini-Strap!