DOT Approved Conspicuity Tape (Reflective Tape)


Our conspicuity tape conforms to DOT standards by:

  • Being made from a high-visibility reflective material
  • Reflecting light up to a 90° angle.
  • Reflecting light in all directions
  • Having a strong self-adhesive back
  • Being weather resistant

Great for:

  • Tractors
  • Agricultural equipment
  • ATVs
  • Campers and motorhomes
  • Water buoys
  • Personal watercraft
  • Mailboxes
  • Garbage cans
  • Anything that needs enhanced visibility
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FHWA law states all trucks and trailers over 80″ wide and over 10,000lbs in weight must be marked with reflective conspicuity tape.  Reflective conspicuity tape is not only brighter but also highly visible at much sharper angles than standard reflective tape.  The material conforms to the Department of Transportation’s regulations and reflects light in all directions, making trailers more conspicuous to other drivers, thus preventing dangerous nighttime collisions.

Although reflective safety tape is designed for the trucking industry, it is also great for use on tractors and other agricultural equipment, ATVs, campers and motorhomes, water buoys, personal watercraft, mailboxes, garbage cans, etc.  Basically, anything that needs enhanced visibility.

Red/white conspicuity tape must be in an alternating pattern, with each color a minimum of 6″ to 18″ long, and 2″ wide. One color cannot be more than two-thirds of the total segment. Red/white tape is used to:

  • Outline the bottom of the sides and the top corner of the trailers, as well as the bottom and underride guard on the rear of the trailer.
  • Mark the sides of trailers, 15- 60″ inches above the road, or as close as possible, and 3″ from the required amber side lamp. Side tape may be in segments, but they must be evenly distributed to cover 50 percent of the side of the trailer.
  • Mark the rear of the trailer, covering the full width of the trailer at 4 feet above the road, and the full width on the horizontal underride protector.

Solid white conspicuity tape must be used to:

  • Create a 12″ long “L” shape in the upper corners (curved solid white tape is to be used for tankers).
  • Mark 3” from required red lamps

For more information on conspicuity tape requirements, see FMCSA’s publication Conspicuity Requirements for Commercial Motor Vehicles.

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