4 x 15 Winch Strap (20,000 lbs BS)


Working Load Limit: 6,667 lbs.
Assembly Break Strength: 20,000 lbs.
Overall Width x Length: 4″ x 15′


Component Information:
Webbing Color: Yellow (w/ black center)
Webbing Break Strength: 20,000 lbs.
Hooks: Flat
Ratchet: N/A


  • UV Resistance – Our 100% hi-tenacity polyester webbing resists UV-degradation, meaning your straps are stronger, longer.
  • Hi-viz Safety Tag – Our safety tag is DOT compliant and provides clear instructions for safe use.
  • Red Safety Core – Don’t risk your load or get caught by DOT with bad straps. Our Red Safety Core gives an advanced warning when its time to change straps.
  • Use with any std. 4in ratchet buckle – Whether replacing short-ends or creating custom fittings, our ratchets allow you easily change out the short-end attachment.


What makes SECURE straps superior to the competition?

  1. Industrial Strength – Our straps are made from 100% hi-tenacity, industrial-grade polyester. That’s the same stuff that’s used to build bridges. Most other brands “dilute” their polyester content with an adhesive in order to shave costs and pocket more of your money.
  2. Innovation – Our straps are designed with feedback from actual users, which means they work the way you expect, if not better.
  3. Manufacturing Ownership – Unlike most brands, we don’t hire out some random factory to make our straps. We own our manufacturing and are intimately involved with the production and quality control processes for each strap we sell.
  4. Our Brand – Industrial users all over the world trust SECURE, shouldn’t you?

Our 4″ x 15′ heavy-duty winch strap is the last winch strap you’ll ever need.

Fitted with a flat hook and made with heavy duty, minimal stretch polyester, providing 20,000 lbs of breaking strength, SECURE winch straps offer the ultimate combination of strength and durability.

Simply put, our 4″ x 15′ winch straps are the most reliable straps on the market your best choice for making sure your load arrives safely.

Maintenance and storage of your straps

The following guidelines ensure you get the maximum life from your straps.

  • Clean with warm water and soap after each use.
  • Be sure to remove any dirt, sand or other particles.
  • Allow to air dry.
  • Store in a dry place, out of direct sunlight. (*Note: Polyester doesn’t absorb water and is mildew/mold resistant.)
  • Keep away from sharp objects and corners
  • Always inspect straps for defects prior to use. Replace any straps that have abrasions, burns or cuts.

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Vinyl-coated S




Black, Yellow

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