Train to Earn

Income Opportunities Powered by Training Next-Generation AI

To earn income Scholars must complete training task in the form of gamified puzzles. Successful completion of a puzzle provides the necessary data required for AI training, machine learning, natural language processing and more

Synesis One

An ontology mining platform for training AI.  Ontology mining (sometimes called "data yield farming") is the process of sharing linguistic knowledge on everyday topics, such as ordering pizza or shopping in a grocery store, to help train AI.

Our Ontological NFTs

We own the following NFT words that are used to passively train AI, as well as " keys" that enable users to engage in data yield farming to generate income. 

Participation Requirements

  • Intermediate English Speaking and Writing ability
  • Mobile Phone/tablet/computer with internet access
  • Solana-compatible cryptocurrency wallet (Phantom recommended)


How to get started:

  1. Follow this link to sign up for our Synesis One AI training MetaWork program.

  2. Follow this link to set up your Phantom wallet.