SECURE Tool AnyStat

Next-Generation data monitoring tools powered by a network of IoT devices.

SECURE AnyStat curates a wide array of "real-time" data points from across a network of public and private IoT sensors, enabling anyone to access the data they need to make the best decisions possible to accomplish their goals.

Whether engaging in environmental research, or simply planning a family vacation, SECURE AnyStat provides the data you need in an simple, seamless, and powerful suite of data apps.

SECURE AnyStat Features

Monitor IoT Devices: SECURE AnyStat allows you to add any number of devices, detecting any physical property you want, and monitor them via mobile or desktop/laptop.


Create Regions: Concentrate on only the sensors you need by grouping sensors together according to their geographic locations.


Create Alarms: Create complex alarms using boolean logic.  You can then receive alerts directly to your phone or email when sensor data meets your customized threshholds.


Visualize Data: Create graphs and charts for any IoT sensor, giving you a visual representation of your data.


Industries that Benefit from IoT Data

Farms and Gardens:

  • Monitor soil quality to improve the growth of anything you plant
  • Monitor for pests infestations to protect your farm or garden
  • Track the energy use of growing apparatus (lights, irrigation, etc.)
  • Monitor the climate of indoor and hydroponic and greenhouse grow operations

Home and Office:

  • Detect costly water leaks
  • Monitor and manage energy usage, lowering your bill and your carbon footprint
  • Track indoor air quality, improving both health and productivity

Transporting and Logistics:

  • Track assets cheaply, improving your bottom line
  • Monitor the cargo environment, ensuring perishable goods maintain proper climate conditions
  • Get notified immediately if your cargo is tampered with

Cities and Municipalities:

  • Discover traffic congestion hotspots, enabling better urban street design, decreasing accidents
  • Track city air quality, improving quality of life for citizens
  • Monitor for natural disasters (eg, fires and floods) and giving advanced notice to residents, increasing safety and decreasing property damage

Because SECURE AnyStat gathers and transmits data via IoT channels, it's much more affordable than similar solutions that use alternative data transmission options, such as cellular, which require an expensive plan for each data collection point. Since IoT transmissions travel much farther than wifi, it's possible to gather data from diverse, remote locations without wifi access.

In addition to visualizing your own data from sensors you deploy, SECURE AnyStat also provides access to public and private data available from our entire network of deployed sensors, opening the possibility of finding data correlations and corroborations from remote locations.

Monitor Any Stat that Matters to You

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