SECURE-IoT: A Platform of Community Applications

SECURE-IoT is a platform of applications and programs, developed and maintained by SECURE, that provide creative solutions and tangible benefits to under-served communities with innovative use of IoT technologies. 

As an ESG-focused tool store, SECURE-IoT addresses the ESG concerns of protecting the Environment (E), improving Society (S) and creating equitable, transparent corporate Governance (G).

Our projects include:

SECUREiot Helium Gateway Host Partnership Program (S):  We work with local organizations and businesses to deploy and maintain the Helium Gateways.  These Gateways the digital infrastructure necessary to run our SECURE-IoT applications as well provide subsidization for our community-based programs.

Universal Basic Income (S):  We work with community outreach programs and residents in under-served communities to find qualified hosts Helium Gateways.  In return for maintaining the Gateways, thereby providing coverage for their community and enabling our Social projects, they receive a portion of the mining rewards.

IoT Entrepreneurship Training (S, G):  We work with local schools, community colleges, universities and other educational organizations to develop programs for students to start businesses based on the IoT solutions they develop. 

Wildfire Detection Networks (E, S):  We partnered with German-based Dryad, a leader in early wildfire detection sensors.  We work in conjunction with Federal, State and Local fire departments, rescue agencies and community volunteers to strategically deploy sensors in at-risk areas.  The network gives authorities and residents notification within an hour of smoldering.

Flood Detection Networks (E, S):  Our sensors provide early notification of rising water levels in at-risk flood zones in both urban and rural settings. Early notification allows the appropriate measures to be taken to avoid property damage and potential loss of life. 

Get Involved - Connect Your Community

If you're interested in participating in any of our IoT programs, including becoming a Helium Gateway Host Partner, call us at 1-844-978-7277 and press extension '4' for IoT Programs.