Mining & Staking

We contribute to blockchain security by operating mining and staking operations.  The blockchains we mine/stake are:

  • Helium
  • Elrond
  • Cardano
  • Star Atlas

We chose these blockchains based on their alignment with our ESG values.

Helium is providing a global IoT network via a network of low-energy mining hotspots that can be deployed by anyone, anywhere, to receive passive income in the form of $HNT coins.  This unique Incentivization model allows anyone, anywhere to both generate passive income as well as provide necessary digitial infrastructure to their community.

Elrond is a carbon-neutral blockchain dedicated to providing financial services and economic opportunities to the world's 1 billion+ global citizens that have been ignored by banks and traditional financial institutions.  This unique focus on both the environment and well as socio-economic advancement for the world's unbanked and underserved make it an idea project to stake for it's alignment with our own ESG values.

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain dedicated to bringing blockchain tools and  financial services to the underserved populations of Africa.  As a proof-of-stake protocol, energy requirements are negligible.  Cardano also employs a unique, peer-reviewed system before rolling out any updates to it's network, increasing transparency and allowing on-chain governance and voting rights, as well as passive income, to anyone that holds the currency, thus aligning with our economic and social values as an ESG tool company.

Star Atlas is a Play-to-Earn blockchain game that capitalizes on the multi-billion dollar gaming industry by providing players a way to monetize the time they spend in-game.  By making all in-game purchases require $ATLAS, real world value is given to the cryptocurrency which can then be earned in-game by completing game tasks, as well as staking ships, buildings etc.  When SECUREguild ships are not being staked, they are leased to players, for a portion of their $ATLAS earnings, thus lowering the barrier of entry for underserved players and allowing them capitalize on the earning opportunities presented by the game.