MetaWork Tool Training


From wallet creation to game strategy, learn how to use the tools required to take advantage of MetaWork income opportunities.

Wallets, Exchanges and DeFi

Learn the basics of turning crypto rewards into fiat cash.  Set up your wallet, create an exchange account, and explore the world DeFi, an ecosystem of financial tools that no bank or government controls. 

Synesis One

MetaWorkers on the Synesis One project, are at the forefront of innovation at the intersection of AI and Blockchain.  Learn how to connect with a wallet, submit utterances, and power the next generation of Artificial intelligence.


Binemon is an idle, gacha-style meme NFT Play-to-Earn game. Create a team and do battle with other Binemon owners around the world. Learn to set up a wallet and the multiple income opportunities available. 

Star Atlas 

The first AAA Space MMORPG. Rent one of our NFT spaceships and explore the galaxy. Learn about the robust Play-to-Earn mechanics, as well as strategies for fleet management.