As an ESG-centric tool store, SECURE is always looking for ways to eliminate environmental destruction through next generation tools and technologies.

KlimaDAO, one of the most ESG-centric projects in the cryptocurrency space, is the perfect tool for combating one of the most destructive environmental forces facing our planet today: Climate Change.

As the world's first carbon-backed digital currency, $KLIMA allows investors, citizens, and organizations to make a real impact in fighting climate change by participating in the carbon offset economy.

Each $KLIMA is backed by a real-world carbon asset, and can be used to offset carbon emissions, interact with DeFi applications, and get exposure to the rapidly growing global carbon market.

By increasing access and demand for carbon offsets, KlimaDAO makes pro-climate projects more profitable, while forcing companies to adapt more quickly to the realities of climate change.

We're proud to be long-term stakers of $KLIMA.  By staking $KLIMA, we're able to go above and beyond our ESG environmental goals by permanently removing carbon from the environment, and helping others do the same, promoting a more sustainable future.

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