We're Pioneers in the IoT Industry

IoT presents the greatest technological revolution since the internet.  We specialize in the following aspects of IoT:

  • Gateways

  • Sensor & Devices

  • Data Visualization (Apps)

What is IoT? 

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network that allows devices, called sensors, to communicate with other devices, called things, enabling robust monitoring and automation capabilities in any environment (farmland, forest, rivers, cold chain transport, classrooms, etc.).

Building Digital Infrastructure Where It's Needed Most

Through our partnership with Helium Inc, the world's leading innovator in IoT gateway technology, we invest in the technology required to provide under-served communities the best IoT gateway technology available, thereby maximizing the transformative potential of IoT for businesses and residents alike.

To do this, we work directly with businesses and residences to deploy IoT gateways in under-served communities that desperately need IoT technology and platforms to connect with economic opportunities.

Furthermore, by working with us to host gateways and provide IoT coverage to their community, our Host Partners are also able to earn income utilizing blockchain-based technology.