What is an IoT Gateway? 

An IoT gateway is similar to a wifi router, in size and function. It allows devices connected to the network to send and receive data.  This data can then be displayed on an application for presentation or analysis, and/or used to automate the actions of other devices on the network. 

It's similar to your thermostat; when the temperature reaches a certain value, the thermostat turns on the heater.  However, IoT devices can be automated from miles apart. For example, data from a weather station, miles away on a mountain, could turn off an irrigation system if rain is detected. 

Become a Host Partner

By hosting gateways, our Host Partners are providing the digital infrastructure required for these sensors and devices to operate. 

Through our Host Partnership Program, SECURE provides IoT Gateways, free of charge, for qualified Hosts who want to bring IoT benefits to their community.  To qualify as a Host, you must agree to the following commitments:

  • Maintain a constant internet connection for the gateway

  • Maintain a consistent power supply to the gateway

  • Have a space available with an obstruction-free view for the gateway to send/recieve data transfers

To become a Host Partner, call us at 1-844-978-7277 and press extension '4' for IoT Programs.