Elrond ($EGLD)

Elrond is a carbon-neutral, internet-scale blockchain dedicated to providing an ecosystem of decentralized financial services and tools (DeFi) as well as economic opportunities to the world's 1.7 billion global citizens that have been ignored by banks and traditional financial institutions (TradFi).

Elrond is a next generation blockchain with blazing fast speeds (at least 250,000 tps compared to Visa's 65,000 tps) and extremely low fees (less than $0.001 USD compared to SWIFTs $40.00 or more), easily making it one of the highest performing blockchains and most inexpensive ways to transfer value.

Elrond's unique marriage of environmental consciousnesses and socio-economic advancement for the world's unbanked and underserved align it perfectly with our own ESG values.

Therefore, SECURE Tool is proud to maintain a "whale" stake of Elrond's native currency, $EGLD.  By staking $EGLD, we are providing security for the network as well as scalability for onboarding the "next 1 Billion."

Download the Elrond wallet (Maiar), stake $EGLD and earn passive income while supporting one of the best Layer 1 blockchains on the planet in terms of performance, security, environmental friendliness and social responsibility.