Digital Asset Management (NFT)

Take Your Business into the Metaverse


As the metaverse grows, businesses need ways to capitalize on the opportunity to increase their bottom line.

We manage digital assets (NFTs), providing investors and companies exposure to the metaverse and, simultaneously, the opportunity to earn returns, while contributing to vocational job creation and creating income opportunities in under-served communities.

Because of our focus on vocational job creation and income creating opportunities, we specialize in managing assets in the Play-to-Earn gaming industry.  Play-to-Earn gaming is a blockchain-enabled business model where players receive rewards (ie, they get paid) for completing in-game tasks.  Those rewards (usually a cryptocurrency native to the game) can then be traded on the open market for local fiat currency.

NFT management in the Play-to-Earn gaming space, is similar to managing an equipment rental business offline:

  1. Certain jobs in the game require certain equipment (the NFT) to complete (eg, building a highway requires a steamroller). 

  2. Members of under-served communities are unable to outright buy the NFT (eg, many companies wouldn't want to outright buy a steamroller).

  3. We manage the rental of the required NFTs to players (eg, a rental company will rent out the steamroller).

In layman's terms, we manage your equipment in the metaverse and rent it out to players in the regions we serve, creating both returns for you and income for players in under-served communities.