Devices & Sensors

A New Paradigm for Data-Driven Decisions

IoT is changing the way systems function and businesses operate by allowing massive amounts of data to be collected, analyzed, reported, and acted upon, or automated.

All of this is enabled by sensors and devices (a collection of sensors).  Sensors measure inputs from the physical world and displays them through the use of software.  Once the data is "visualized" in this way, business owners, government officials and consumers can make informed, data-driven decisions as they accomplish their tasks.

In general, anything that can be represented by a number, can have an associated sensor (eg, temperature).  Here are some common sensors used in IoT devices:

  • Temperature sensors

  • Pressure sensors

  • Motion sensors

  • Level sensors

  • Image sensors

  • Proximity sensors

  • Water quality sensors

  • Chemical sensors

  • Gas sensors

  • Smoke sensors

  • Infrared (IR) sensors

  • Acceleration sensors

  • Gyroscopic sensors

  • Humidity sensors

  • Optical sensors

The combination of sensors into devices creates very powerful tools that empower users to make informed decisions and create environments that promote safety and productivity throughout a company, municipality or home.