Connecting to Synesis One

How to Connect your Wallet and Start Training

The following guide will show you how to connect your wallet to the Synesis One AI Training platform so that you can start training AI and earning $SNS cryptocurrency.

(Screenshots are from Android, but the process is the same on Apple.)

Step 1: Open you Phantom Wallet.

Step 2: Push purple circle in the top left corner.  This will open your settings menu.

Step 3: You are currently on the Mainnet Beta.  We need to go to the "Devnet."  Push "Change Network."

Step 4: Select "Devnet."

Step 5: Once you're on the "Devnet," close the settings by pushing the "X" in the upper left. 

Step 6: From the wallet homescreen, select the Web3 browser icon in the bottom right.

Step 7: When the browser opens, type in the Synesis One website.  If you don't know the website, refer back to you Group onboarding the email.

Step 8: From the Synesis One homepage, select "Select Wallet" 

Step 9: Select Phantom (or whatever wallet you're using).


Step 10: Confirm the connection.

Step 11: Congratulations, you're now inside the training program

Step 12: Every transaction on a blockchain requires a "gas fee" that's paid in the blockchain's native cryptocurrency.  So, before you begin, you'll need to get some SOL to pay for the gas fees. (*this is not real SOL, it's only for the devnet).

To do that, you need to select the menu in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 13: Select "Get SOL."  This will take you to a faucet.  A faucet is a website that will send you enough cryptocurrency to do a couple of transactions.

Step 14: Enter your wallet address and select "Devnet." You'll receive a confirmation message.  You can then exit back to you wallet homescreen to confirm you have received the 1 SOL.

Step 15: Next you need to get some $SNS for staking.  You'll need to stake $SNS each time you want to do an AI Training campaign. To get $SNS, go back to the Synesis menu and select "Get SNS." This will air drop $SNS directly into your wallet.  Be sure to "Approve" the transaction. 


Step 16: Now, from the Synesis homepage select "Play as Builder."

Step 17: Now, you will see a list of "Campaigns."  Campaigns are ontologies (groups of words that share meaning) that are currently being run for clients of Mind AI, as well as internally by Mind AI to build their library.

Step 18: Once you select your campaign, you'll see a screen like this that gives more information.  Make sure your campaign says "In Progress." If it says "Completed, you need to choose a different campaign. Push the "Stake 100 SNS" button at the bottom to get started.

Step 19: By default, you will start on "Find a more specific sentnce."

Step 20: Type your utterance and press the small "send" icon. You can type multiple sentences.  When you're finished, push the "Submit" button at the bottom right.

Step 21: That's it.  Your utterance is now in the queue to be validated. You can check the status of your utterances, as well as the rest of the queue, by scrolling down.

Remember, utterances must be validated by a real human, before being paid, to ensure that it's appropriate. 

For example, if the Topic Sentence is "Can I use a sheet mask twice?" and your utterance is "I love furry kittens," then that's not related to the Topic Sentence and the submission will not be paid. 


Step 22: You can either go to a new campaign, or submit more utterances for the same campaign.