Our blockchain division, SECURE MFG, specializes in using Next Generation Tools, made possible by blockchain technology, to solve the world's biggest problems.

We look for blockchain projects that greatly contribute to, and are in line with, the Enviornmental, Social and Governance commitments we adhere to under the ESG framework.

We search for the best solutions across all aspects of blockchain, including: Mining/Staking, Farming and Gaming.

Projects we support that share our commitments and values are:

Elrond - A carbon neutral, internet-scale blockchain dedicated to bringing financial services to the world's 1.7 Billion unbanked, via a blazing fast, highly scalable infrastructure with incredibly low transaction fees.  Learn more here.

KlimaDAO - A Decentralized, Autonomous, Organizations dedicated to enabling anyone, anywhere to meaningfully contribute to the fight against climate change through a unique model of tokenizing carbon credit offsets.  Learn more here.

Star Atlas - A play-to-earn blockchain game that capitalizes on the multi-billion dollar gamin industry and provides anyone, anywhere, the opportunity to create real world income by completing in-game tasks.  Learn more here.