SECURE Modularized Spaces

We work with leading modular space fabricators to create sustainable, energy-efficient houses, offices and functional spaces for communities, businesses and individuals.

Office Designs

Our office structures are designed with versatility and functionality in mind.  Whether it’s a working space, presentation space or something more custom, we can create a design that fits your needs.

Open Office w/ 1/2 Bath

Conference Room

Office w/ Storage

Home Design

Our modular home spaces are solar-powered and energy-efficient with options for off-grid drinking water security upgrades. 

Single Family

Open Plan w/ Full Bath


Flat-style w/ Single Bed


Dorm-style Duplex

4-Plex w/ 3 Bedroom

Commercial Space Designs

We make commercial spaces that are suitable for retail locations, concessions, community centers, and more.

Community Center Open Floor




Concession w/ Kitchen