Environment, Social and Governance Commitments

As part of our long-term, sustainable approach to building and expanding our business, we have developed a range of programs in order to fulfill ESG commitments.

Made In America

A strong manufacturing base is critical to any successful economy.  A strong manufacturing base provides jobs and creates supply chain resiliency.

Thus, we’re fully committed to developing, supporting and prioritizing American manufacturing across each of our product categories. 

We produce SECURE Tool products in fabrication shops in California, Missouri and Texas.  As much as possible, we source materials and components from American suppliers. 

We completely divested from our China-based factory in 2017.

No Product Packaging

Unlike our competitors, we have no plastic packaging, plastic clamshells, or plastic wrapping.  The decision to remove packaging, which was a critical factor in retail marketing, underscores our commitment to environmentally responsible and sustainable practices.

Luckily, this environmentally motivated decision actually led to an increase in sales. 

When we polled as to why, 54% of respondents said it was because “we can see what ll the ratchet can do,” implying that unpackaged products allow a “test-drive” to inform buying decisions.

Rebuild America

We invest in the physical and digital infrastructure required for America to maintain its role as an Economic and Technological leader.

Our EV Charging Stations allow private businesses to profit from the transition to EV’s, while providing an easy way to fulfill environmental responsibilities.

SECURE Blockchain Tools support the building and utilization of digital infrastructure via the deployment and operation of hardware for data transmission networks, data storage networks and cloud computing networks.

SECURE Delivery

This program provides the equipment and tools required to successfully manage and operate an independent delivery business for Door Dash, Uber or a Hotshot trucking company. 

We pair investors with drivers in a profit-sharing model.  Investors will “sponsor” the driver by providing the capital required for tools and equipment and in return are entitled to a percentage of profits from the business.

Entrepreneurial Support Programs

We believe that everyone deserves the rights, privileges, freedoms and protections that come with owning one’s own company.  By establishing a company, you’re taking the first steps to seize control of your financial future. 

So, we exclusively work through B2B partnerships.  If an individual we want to work with doesn’t have a company, we will provide pro-bono assistance in starting an LLC in the jurisdiction of their choice.  We also provide guidance and training on the backend, such as understand cash flow and proper accounting techniques.