IoT - Internet of Things

IoT (Internet of Things) is a network that allows devices, called sensors, to communicate with other devices, called things, enabling robust monitoring and automation capabilities in any environment (farmland, forest, rivers, cold chain transport, classrooms, etc.).

Examples of IoT projects include:

  • An Early Wildfire Detection Network to Protect At-Risk Communities
  • A System that Regulates Air Quality in Classrooms
  • Detecting Leaks in your Home or Office
  • Authenticating the Origin of Products (eg, Made in USA)
  • Keeping Food Fresh with Notifications when Conditions are not met
  • Automatically Feeding and Watering Plants when Conditions are met
  • Providing a stream of Universal Basic Income to Under-served Communities

We've partnered with leading sensor manufacturers in North America and Europe, making commercial quality sensors available to consumers all over the world for public or private projects.