Why the Hospitality Industry Needs IoT and Blockchain

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IoT (Internet of Things) is a protocol that devices use share information with each other. For example, your refrigerator can tell your stove what’s inside, so you know what can be cooked.

Blockchain technology is the transparent recording of information from a verified digital transaction that streamlines commerce through enabling on-demand global connectivity.

Applications for the hospitality industry include, but are not limited in any ways to, robotics, financial transactions, instant tracking and unrivaled reliability on everything from checking into a hotel, ordering services with no fail delays, labor management, human asset and resources, training and efficiency – down to your customers and staff knowing precisely when the corn and beef in front of them was harvested, shipped, stored, prepared and by whom – taking the tired expression of ‘farm to table’ and elevating it to ‘farm to consumer’, in real-time.

I am excited to be working with Secure Tool Company, a division of Smolak Industries, on spreading and maintaining this IoT/5G network. Focusing on hospitality and underprivileged communities, I aim to provide access to the future of communication for ALL people, wealthy or poor, and ALL businesses big or small throughout the Midwest, across this nation and globally.

Our team’s dedicated and experienced leadership focuses on entrepreneurship, development and equality rather than equity. We will make this incredible future for all, not for some – presenting usage examples and solutions to our growing network of clients and communities.

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William Taylor

Director of Hospitality Operations and Investments

Secure Tool Company

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